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God-Tier Cosplay Tutorial PART ONE

I re-uploaded my photos using a different site than the first time, so hopefully - hopefully - they will show up now. Sorry for the inconvenience. -_-;;

NOTE: Picture heavy. Some basic sewing skill is needed to use this tutorial, but I’ve tried to explain it as simply as I can, so hopefully as long as you’ve used a sewing machine before, you can follow it. :D

This tutorial IS Jade-specific, but it can probably be adapted for other characters as well, especially other females. If you have any questions regarding how to adapt for another character, feel free to contact and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Step One: Gather your supplies. You will need about 2-2.5 yards of black material. I highly recommend a cotton knit with a little bit of stretch, but ultimately you should go with what’s comfortable for you as the wearer. You will also need a piece of chalk, a pair of good sharp scissors, black thread, McCall’s pattern M6435 and of course a sewing machine. Three items featured in this tutorial that are optional but highly recommended are a dress form, a rotary blade, and a really, really big Red Bull.

Step Two: Isolate the pieces of the pattern that you need. IGNORE THE PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS. We are altering the pattern for our purposes, so if you look at anything but the page in the picture, you will just get confused. We will be working with pieces 5, 6, and 7. Find those pieces on the big brown sheets of paper. They will be numbered on the pattern, as seen below. Those are the only printed instructions on the pattern you should pay any attention to.

Step Three: Paying special attention to your size (using the graph above, located on the flap of the pattern envelope), cut out pieces 5, 6, and 7. I know, I know, “never cut your patterns”. But I do. I have never used tracing paper before in my life. So if you want to, by all means. The simplest way is to cut it and call it a day. Anyway, when you’re done, your pieces should look like this:

Fold up the remaining pieces and replace them in the envelope. Never know when they may come in handy!

Step Four: Unfold fabric, leaving just one fold length-wise (so that you get two identical pieces for each cut you make), and spread it out on a solid surface.

Step Five: Place pieces 6 and 7 like so, so that they slightly overlap. If you cut them separately, you’ll end up with a weird seam across the chest.

Step Six: Outline patterns using chalk. Don’t worry about stray marks or dust. As long as the main outline is distinct, you’re fine. That’s why we’re using chalk. It washes right out. You should end up with something like this:

Since Jade’s tunic is pointed, add a triangle to the bottom like so:

This will also add the length the shirt needs to be a tunic instead of just a shirt.

After tracing, cut the body out. I recommend using a rotary blade, however they are slightly expensive and require maintenance. They are also dangerous. Exhibit A:

So yeah. Recommended, but be careful. Anyway, your finished piece should look like this, and there should be two of them, but keep them together:

Step Seven: Place and outline piece five in the same manner. Add a bit of a bell to the bottom since Jade has flared sleeves. Cut out pieces and set aside.


Step Eight: Now comes the fun part. The sewing. Start with the body of the shirt, and sew along the sides and the top between the neck and sleeves (in red on the picture below - ignore my craptastic Paint skills). Be sure to hit reverse and lock your seams. Stop sewing at the triangle you added, otherwise you’ll sew the bottom shut and end up with just a weird satchel thing.

Step Nine: Time to try it on. Either put it on yourself, or you dress form, and make sure that it fits nicely everywhere. If it’s too loose, sew again using a greater seam allowance.

Step Ten: Now, go around the bottom and sew in a hem (about a half an inch to an inch) at the triangle to give it a nice, neat edge. Then, do the same, this time only about a fourth of an inch, at the neck. Do not hem the sleeves.

Step Eleven: Sew both sleeves separately by folding each piece in half like so:

and sewing along the inner edge (shown in red on the photo below).

Then, sew them to the shirt. The best way to do this is to have the sleeve right-side-out and the shirt inside-out, and then line up the seam of the sleeve with the seam on the side of the shirt. Then, just sew where the sleeve attaches to the shirt. You’ll know if you did this wrong, because your sleeve will be permanently pointing in a weird direction. When lined up correctly, it should point down.

Finally, hem the bottom of the sleeves to make it look neat.

Step Twelve: Time to try it on again. Assuming that you’ve followed the directions and sized it right, your Jade god tier shirt should be done. Le viola!

[NOTE: You’ll need to paint or iron on her symbol, but since different brands of iron-ons have different rules and such, I’ll leave that to you guys. :3]

Hope this helped someone!

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